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Frequently asked questions

Can diabetes gets cure?

Once a diabetes is a life time diabetes. but there is nothing to worry as diabetes is a simple disorder not a disease. If blood sugar is regular checked and well maintain there won’t be any complication.

What is the things need to be followed regarding food while giving fasting and (PP)after food blood sugar?

Maintain regular time..
While Fasting Blood Sugar, stomach must be empty min 8 to max 12 hrs .

Person can drink water if he wants before giving fasting blood.

PP time should be noted as soon as first bite of  food is taken and blood sample should be given after 2hrs..


Can person drink water before giving fasting blood?

Yes person can drink water as water does not contain any glycemic or glucose in it. Avoid tea, coffee etc

When should HBA1C test should be done?

Every three months.

Is full body diabetes checkup compulsory every year?

Yes. Yearly checkup once a year is very important as a person can detect early stage of complication due to diabetes and can be treated.

What is more important insulin or medicine tablets?

It is depends upon your doctor & your medical test report.

Can diabetes effect eyes?

Yes person suffering from diabetes whose blood sugar level is uncontrolled from sever months can lead to effect not only in eyes but also in heart, kidney, foot neuro etc.

Can diabetes patient intake alcohol?

As we all know alcohol is not good for health. Still its depends upon the patient report and doctor. proper doctor guidance is required.

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