Diabetic Patient Education

Diabetes Patient Education


There is a common saying in Diabetes management, “Know Diabetes, No Diabetes”, is applicable if you know early about what diabetes is. However once a person is diabetic, it cannot be reversed but effectively managed. Diabetic education is an essential process required for every diabetic or non-diabetic person and it should be repeated twice every year.
The four pillars of diabetes management are Exercise, Stress Management, Diet Management & medication and it’s important to understand every aspect of it. The process includes creating awareness about diabetes and educating them about how they can self-manage diabetes and rely less on their medical team.

Understanding Diabetes


At Dr. Prakash’s Diabetes Speciality Centre, we have dedicated a team of educators and dieticians to help you understand diabetes and tackle it effectively through guided measures.
It is recommended if any of your family members attend the class as well to help you and support you through your discipline. We also help you make essential emotional and lifestyle modifications so that you can live a happy and healthy life even with diabetes.

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