Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Neuropathy


Unmanaged high blood sugar levels make the blood sugary & thick and for a prolonged period of time causes severe damage to the nerves and other blood vessels. Basically, Neuropathy is the primary cause of other major complications like diabetic heart, retinopathy, nephropathy and major foot problems.
Diabetic Foot is a major complication caused by diabetic neuropathy as severe nerve damage is caused, it leads to pain, tingling sensation, numbness(which may become permanent), and burning sensation (especially in the evening). Loss of sensation is one of the most dangerous symptoms that need to be addressed as early as possible because that may allow certain injuries to go unnoticed which leads to serious infections or possible amputations.

Diabetic Foot care


Reckless care of the foot may lead to severe complications like Gangerine which might lead to foot amputation. To avoid such unnecessary challenges, its important to take the utmost care of the feet and detect early injuries through effective screening. At Dr. Prakash’s Diabetes Speciality Centre, we have established an effective screening process to give you the happy feet. Our screening tests include:

  • Monofilament testing – for testing touch pressure sensation.
  • Palpation of pulses in the foot Vibration testing – to recognize any neuropathic ulcer
  • Temperature of the foot gives an important clue of impaired circulation or otherwise
  • ABI & Doppler of the foot
  • Inspection of the footwear, for material, kind of footwear (flip-flops, shoe, sneaker, sports shoes, etc.) fit and patterns

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