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The centre is dedicated in memory of Late Prof Dr Captain A Prakash
The centre is aimed to provide to complete diabetes care by group of experts include Diabetes care specialist, dietician, Ophthalmologist, podiatrists,as well as trained staffs
Once the patient comes to our centre we not merely treat high blood glucose levels but also educate them importance of diet and exercise as well as screen every patient to rule out kidney,eye,heart and foot complications
Our team of doctors and staffs educate the patients and their families to adopt healthy lifestyle and also give proper education about balanced diet and exercises modules which can help patients to achieve glycemic target
Prevention is better than cure
This is true for every Diabetic patients
Once complications of diabetes occurred it is irreversible
We investigate every complications thoroughly and treat it effectively that will halt the complications to progress in later life
More than 6000 plus patients are benifiited
Young patients who are type 1 DM who requires insulin titrations ,our centre give more and personalised care to all type 1 DM patients
Around 15 type 1 Diabetics are benifitted
Self monitoring blood glucose is very important our centre advocate for that and regular free glucometer tests were done at our centre as well as we provide glucometers and strips to all our type 1 DM patients
Other forms of diabetes such as LADA,FCPD, Drug induced are effectively managed by our centre
Dr A S Prakash has been practising as a Diabetologist in Patna, Bihar, since 2013.He has his own centre  at Police colony ,Anisabad and working as consultant in Dr Prakash Diabetes Specialities centre since 2013
DrPrakash received training in Diabetology from 2011-2013 as a fellow in the Department of Diabetology, Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities centre, Chennai, under Padmashree Professor Dr. V .Mohan at Chennai.
For two years in Madras Diabetes Research Foundation he gained expertise in Diabetes and its related complications.
And also actively in involved in research in Diabetes and also published various peer national and international journals
DrPrakash holds an postgraduate degree Diploma in Diabetology  from prestigious Middlesex university,United kingdom . Earlier, in 2009 he  received the MBBS degree through MGM Medical College, Bihar
Membership of Learned Societies :
• Research Society for Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI), Bihar Branch. • Diabetes Asia Study Group.
• Bihar Diabetic Federation(BDF)
• Diabetic Foot Society Of India(DFSI)
• American Diabetes Association(ADA)
1. “Effectiveness and safety of Hydroxychloroquine compare to Teneligliptinin uncontrolled T2DM patients as add-on Therapy.”
Poster Presentation in Research Society for Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI) Annual Conference 2018, Ahmedabad, India: Amit Kumar, Akhouri Sukrit Prakash.
2. “Energy Intake and Expenditure In Type 2 Diabetic Subjects Attending a Tertiary Care Hospital in Patna”
Oral Presentation in DIACON Annual Conference 2019, Ahmedabad, India: Akhouri Sukrit Prakash, Deepak Agarwal.
3. “An study to evaluate efficacy of saroglitazar in achieving target in women with T2DM and newly diagnosed dyslipidaemia”
Poster Presentation in International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Annual Conference 2019, Brusen, South Korea: Akhouri Sukrit Prakash
4. “Prevalence of Undiagnosed Depression in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes”
Poster Presentation in Research Society for Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI) Annual Conference 2019, Jaipur, India: Akhouri Sukrit Prakash
5. “Type 2 Diabetes mellitus and its association with circulating adiponectin levels in Indian subjects: A Prospective Study done at Indian Diabetes Care centre ay Patna city”
LateBreakingAbstract presentationinAmericanDiabetesAssociation(ADA)Annual Conference 2019, San Francisco, USA: Subhash Kumar, Akhouri Sukrit Prakash
1. “Effectiveness and Safety of Hydroxychloroquine compared to Teneligliptin in uncontrolled T2DM patients as add-on therapy”.
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2. “ Prevalence Of Hypertension, Obesity And Its Influence On Achievement Oftherapeutic Goals In Indian Type 2 Diabetes Patients: A Retrospective Observational Study At Tertiary Diabetes Care Centre In Bihar”
Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Research (JMSCR), Volume 7, Issue 3, 34-39: Akhouri Sukrit Prakashdoi.org/10.18535/jmscr/v7i3.07
3. “An Observational Study to Evaluate Correlation between Body Mass Index (BMI) and Random Blood Glucose at a Diabetes Care Hospital in Bihar.”
Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences {Sch J App Med Sci), 2019 7(3): 889-891: Akhouri Sukrit Prakashdoi.org/10.21276/sjams.20197.3.7
4. “A Study to Evaluate Association between Hypoparathyroidism with Brain Calcification and Varied Neuropsychiatric Manifestations.”
Open Access Journal of Diabetes 2019, Volume 2, Issue 1(02): Akhouri Sukrit Prakash
Investigator of Clinical Trial Research:
1. Principal investigator of LANDMARC Study “ A Prospective observational study of a pan-India cohort of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus for microvascular and microvascular complications, glycemic control and time to treatment adaptation over 3 years”.
2. Principle investigator of “ Comparison of hydroxychloroquine 400 mg once daily versus teneligliptin 20 mg once daily using continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) on patients uncontrolled on insulin therapy: pilot study”. CTRI No.: CTRI/ 2018/09/015798. Trial registered Prospectively.
• Editorial Board Member, Scholars Academic and Scientific Society.

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Pankaj Kumar
Manager, Syndicate Bank

“Best Diabetes Centre in Patna. My experience at Dr. Prakash’s diabetes centre has been so far the best compared to other diabetes doctors i have consulted in the region. Their consultation is unique and has helped me to modify my lifestyle to live a happy life.”

Avijit Gupta

“Dr.Prakash  consultation helped my father, who is a diabetic for 8 years to control his blood sugar level to normal level. Their centre has special department that are only available in South India.”

Subham Agarwal

“Diabetes is just a disorder to get a life in order. That’s what i have learned from this centre. Dr Prakash is very friendly doctor and listens to youe problems and guides you with right advice. There staff are very friendly and careing as well.”

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