Best Diabetes doctor in bihar

There is a strong connection between diabetes and foot. if your blood sugar level level is not under control than it can also result in foot complication. In India nearly 60 person diabetes patient faces severe foot complication. Also if you do not care for foot than it can result to amputation too.

Tips to avoid diabetes foot complication:

  1. Use 24 x 7 foot slipper or shoe. don’t walk bare foot either in home or outside.
  2. Dip your foot in Lukewarm water with added salt before going to bed everyday.
  3. clean your foot everyday And use coconut oil in sole but not between fingers.
  4. Avoid high heel sandals & shoe.
  5. Go for Diabetes foot checkup Once a six month.
  6. You Can also prefer fenugrek but consult your doctor or dietician.




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